Monday, December 12, 2005

Not Getting the Message...

"In Washington, Adam Ereli, a State Department spokesman, said the
administration was determined to achieve greenhouse-gas reductions not
through binding limits but through long-term work to develop cleaner

There is, in short, no reason to change the way that our
conditioning/culture keeps people consuming, consuming, consuming to
make some people who control the production wealthier, wealthier and

(the Bush administration sent someone named "Adam" out to give the
world this message. What's funny is that it doesn't strike them as
ironic enough to avoid doing). (I believe, myself, that there are no
coincidences where the Spirit is at work revealing Truth to those
looking for it.)

The message is that we should just rock on, that there is no reason
for us to throw off and repent our worship in the fertility cult of
ever expanding capitalism and development...there is no reason for our
party to ever end. That's what say our high priests of prosperity and
materialism. (we don't pay temple prostitutes to ensure we get a good
harvest, rather we pay investment counselors and brokers and insurance
agents to ensure we get a good return on our investment.

Because technology will save us (this is not really a new message, is
it?)...we don't have to save ourselves from the consequences of our
debauchery...machines will save us--but, of course, even if their plan
works out they will only "save" the earth, not our souls...there's
still the matter of the impact/karma of the debauchery that will work
out in our personal futures.

The Bush administration (and the bi partisan prosperity machine it
whose agenda it pursues) assures us, again, that there is no reason to curtail
the profits by easing off on the ruthless exploitation of the earth and
of other humans. There is no reason to find simpler and healthier ways to
live (finding, for example, things other than SUVs to fill the God
shaped holes in our hearts). We can also make additional profits by
the technical means we will use to keep the party going!!! Machines
will make it possible for us to orgy on while continuing the exploitation of the
earth and other human beings. It's win-win.

Rhetorical question: where is John Woolman when we need him?

Rhetorical answer: we all have to be John Woolman, ourselves.

"In all our cares about worldly treasures, let us steadily bear in
mind that riches possessed by children who do not truly serve God are
likely to prove snares that may more grievously entangle them in that
spirit of selfishness and exaltation which stands in opposition to
real peace and happiness, and renders those who submit to the
influence of it enemies to the cross of Christ."

John Woolman's Diary

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