Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hey, Dude, where's my country?

I never identified with that rhetorical question until this morning.

I read that the Bush Administration failed to accept "no" for an answer from the Senate in the "advise and consent" process for high level executive appointees. Seems the Senators had som reservations about a person nominated to fill an undersecretary of somethin or other position that oversees, among other things, mine safety. They had concerns about this person's safety record as a mine operator.

It's not just the questions this begs in light of recent mine disaster in Utah.

It's also the question of circumventing the process. If someone is not confirmed they're not supposed to get the job. It's a process in which both sides have to agree for the appointment to be confirmed. But the Bush Administration has just ignored that, completely disregarding process.

This time it's the harmony testimony that is implicated. And integrity.

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