Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I do not defend the use of drones to attack leaders of Taliban  inside of Pakistan, or any attacks on anyone at any time.  

I do, though, want to say a little something about the integrity of the government and people of Pakistan. 

Their condemnation of those attacks comes as they receive millions (billions?) from the United States government to support the effort in Afghanistan and, while doing so, they are tolerating and even supporting the activities of the Taliban in Pakistan that are part of their effort to topple the Afghan government.  

If the Pakistani military and intelligence folks were doing what the United States is paying them to do the drone attacks of which they complain might not be happening, or might not be so extensive.  

The government of Pakistan is playing this duplicitous game because it has to.  The government of Pakistan does not really exercise sovereignty over the territory inside its boundaries.    The government of Pakistan is as afraid of Al Qaeda as it is of that of India.   Most of all, the government of Pakistan should be afraid of the United States--afraid that the money will stop. 

Should we be afraid of that?  Should we be afraid that the government of Pakistan will be replaced by a Taliban government that has nuclear weapons?  Should we be afraid that this government will face off with that India--also a nuclear power?

I am not sure of everything I am supposed to be afraid of, anymore. 

I do know that I am afraid of what we have been doing in the Middle East for a good long time,  This situation vis a vis Pakistan is but one manifestation of that course of action.   This can't go on, and it won't.  The consequences of whatever happens from now on are going to be terrible and dire.

We are about to learn what shock and awe really mean.

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