Thursday, June 09, 2011

Who's a Creep?

I am not a member of any political party--like the founders, I think that "factions" are the arch enemy of our republican form of government.   I am a registered non-partisan who would support a ticket of Mark Twain and H.L. Mencken--but only if they promised to appoint Lenny Bruce as attorney general.  I might also support a Marxist--Lennonist (Groucho Marx and John Lennon) ticket but, again, not without Lenny Bruce along to keep them real.

That said-----it's Congressman Wiener's turn on the spit I have to laugh when the Chairman of the Republican National Committee calls him a creep and demands his resignation.  Good for the news person who, upon hearing Reince Priebus say that, asked if he considered Senator Vitter (R. Louisiana) (who very frequently committed the crime of frequenting prostitutes) to also be a creep.  Mr.  Priebus declined to answer and, it seemed to me, didn't even get the gist of the rhetorical question he had been asked.. 

But what about Eric Cantor?  It's one thing to hear from an unelected party chairman but what about House leadership?  Well, back when asked about Senator Vitter--back when Larry Flint uncovered and published the Louisiana Republican's sex crimes--Representative Cantor said it should be up to  Senator Vitter's constituents whether he stayed or left the Senate.  (Bonus points if you knew, by the way about how ironic it is for Senator Vitter's karma to work out as it did--given how Republican sexual acting out--at the height of the Clinton  impeachment pageant--opened the door for Vitter to get  to the House of Representatives prior to his election to the Senate).  Shock:  in the case of  Democratic Congressman Wiener Mr. Cantor says that he should to resign. 

I dunno if Mr. Wiener's "high crimes and misdemeanors" (none of which--at least those of which we know presently--was against the law as, say, Senator Vitter's frequenting prostitutes was and remains against the law) merit his resigning or not.  I do know, though, that if I were consulting with Mr. Wiener about how to stay in Congress after all this I'd tell him, whenever anyone gives him any static, to just say "If Senator Vitter gets to stay how come I have to go?"

So, the Lily goes to the Republicans, today, who are singing in the "send Anthony back to Brooklyn in disgrace" Choir.  But it was really close--the latest RF in Wisconsin (which even the National Review is having a hard time keeping down) re postponing the recall elections really deserves mention...maybe I'll pretend I didn't hear about that one until tomorrow.   After all, if we are paying attention we know that we will run out of days on which to confer this award far sooner than we will run out of people who are worthy of having their names inscribed on the trophy.

Remember the criterion:  No matter how cynical I get it's hard to keep up.  Perhaps there should be a bronze, a silver and a gold every day. 

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