Monday, October 29, 2012

The Wrecking Crew in Reaction

At the height of hurricane Sandy the radicals stick by their story that disaster relief should be a function of privater enterprise or returned it to the individual states.

The reason given is that the person quoted says he knows a "lot" of people who don't have a good view of FEMA.

This is like someone who chopped up the fire hose pointing to the the ashes to prove that the fire department doesn't work.

There has been a wrecking crew at work undermining every institution, public and private, that didn't conform to the ideology of how the world is supposed to work.   They launch disingenuous and false talking points and cut the budgets of institutions we need to hold the country together.

FEMA was such a victim--turned over under President Bush to people who began to dismantle it, crippling its ability to respond to Katrina and talking endlessly, now, about how that failure is more proof' of their "government can't do anything right" narrative.  

This radical wrecking crew has fooled a lot of people into an skeptical alienation of universal distrust and cynicism--creating a citizenry that can neither govern or be governed.  There is no where to which we can turn for leadership, according to their ideology, except the wealthy and our guns.

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Kay said...

Good post, Tim. It saddens me that so many people are blinded by fear and lies and unable to see that this is a concerted strategy to cripple government for the benefit of a few people.